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About the Event Calendar

The Events Calendar is fully interactive with WebLink Connect and will live seamlessly on your website. Individuals visiting your website will be able to register for "Public" events and add attendees. The information they enter will be sent to your Web Sign Ups Holding Tank for you to accept or deny.

Your Administrator will be able to customize the visual effects such as background color, font color and size, etc. The Event Details page is also customizable. These features will allow you to make the calendar and additional pages look like they are just part of your website.

When an event is set up in WebLink Connect, as long as it has a designation of Organizational Event, Community Event, or Members Only Event, it will automatically be linked to your Event Calendar.  By default, a new event is designated as is designated as an Organizational Event.

There are many options in WebLink Connect that help you control the calendar. When creating an event there are checkboxes that allow you to close the event, disable registration, select payment types accepted and making the event free.

Once the calendar has been integrated to your website, you will not be burdened with updating or maintaining because that is all taken care of as you manage your events within WebLink Connect.

Modified 2/27/2009
Article ID: 109